Preterm Labour and Early Birth

The latest National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) guideline on diagnosing and managing of preterm labour, as well as preventing and delaying early birth has been published.

The guideline also outlines recommendations for healthcare professionals treating women likely to deliver preterm.

Some of the recommendations are summarised below:

  • Healthcare professionals should offer information and support to women at increased risk of preterm birth.
  • The information should be timely, talking into consideration the possibility of the woman delivering early and the status of labour.
  • The practitioner should describe the symptoms and signs of preterm labour, and bear in mind that the woman and her family members or carers may particularly be anxious.
  • When offering or considering maternal corticosteroids, the practitioner should discuss with the woman and her family members or carers how corticosteroids may help and the potential risks associated with them

To read more click NICE guidelines [NG25]

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